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Christmas has arrived early — the official Final Fantasy 14 site has announced an extension of the free trial period to an additional 30 days! While the site outlines a few eligibility requirements, it seems like in a nutshell, anyone who’s registered an account and purchased a character before Nov. 19 can enjoy the extra 30 days. More »

Yay for improvements! I’ve started to compile a list of major things that could be added to this game which we’ll get to in a later post. Today’s update addresses some of the minor things and adds some real improvement. Two things of significant note: More »

Square’s site for Final Fantasy 14 information, the Lodestone, has yet another developer Q&A posted. Those wanting to learn more about character creation should check out this week’s. More »

If you weren’t fortunate enough to snag the collector’s edition of Final Fantasy 14 to get a head start on playing, today is your day. Today, Square Enix has released the standard edition of Final Fantasy 14 for Windows® PC along with a 30 day free trial subscription. More »

The highly anticipated Final Fantasy 14 Collector’s Edition is finally in our possession. We’ve unboxed it and it is clear to us that Christmas has indeed, arrived early. Behold, our unboxing picture gallery: More »

The Final Fantasy 14 Collector’s Edition has officially launched for Windows® PC. The collector’s edition launches over a week in advance of the standard edition of the game which launches Sept. 30. Given all the perks of the collector’s edition, I can’t see why anyone would even wait around for the standard edition. Here’s a rundown of all the goodness that the the collector’s edition brings: More »

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