It’s been over a month since I last logged into FFXIV and I haven’t had much urge to play it. There’s two main reasons for this. The game has quite a few things that needs to addressed - chaotic marketplace, inventory disorganization, hard to use user interface, over emphasis on crafting, mind-numbing need to run everywhere, and a handful of other things. Yes I lumped all those into one big “the game is broken and hard to play right now” reason even though they’re technically lots of different reasons. The second main reason is that a lot of my linkshell mates have quit the game, especially the ones I get along with well. The ones that remain mostly get into arguments with one side complaining about the game and another side of blind fanatics vigorously defending the game.

Today I stumbled across an article (via saying that the game’s head honchos very clearly admitting that the game needs to be fixed. I applaud Hiromichi Tanaka producer of FFXIV and his team for coming out and stating all of this instead of hiding behind PR speak. We’re also getting another free month in addition to the first free extra month we’ve already got. That speaks volumes about the current state of the game. I know I’m not the only one that stopped playing FFXIV.

All this isn’t to say that Final Fantasy 14 is irrevocably broken. It’s still a gorgeous game - still have a lot of fun things to do. It’s just hidden behind a layer of flawed game mechanics and obtuse design philosophies. I still have hope.

I’ve been invited to have a sit down with some of the game’s GMs this Friday. It’ll be good to see how and what things have changed in the past month.