You have to be level 23+ in a class to start level 30 levequests. I’m still far away but a handful of people have made it including a few in my linkshell. Here is a video of The Potter Prince leve that begins in Nanawa Mines, a dungeon in the far north area of the Ul’Dah region. All the monsters in here are level 30+ and hit a bit too hard for me to survive solo. Fortunately we had a big group curious to see what a level 30 levequest looks like. Besides the harder monsters, it’s not that different from other levequests. Enjoy the video!

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Hoc is a player of Final Fantasy 14. He is on the Fabul server using the name “Saito Uchiha.” You will find him primarily playing Pugilist but most of his time is spent crafting or gathering.

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really nice game i leveled fast in the beta, i have a written review on a few guides if you want to check them out smile

Nice~~ really good~~ I wanted to play it too much haha~~ ^^

this looks like perfect world..
i want to play this…
for sure, my brother would love this..

omg!! COOL!! <3

this game is awesome,.!!!

I was just watching Short Bus the entire time. The combination of his name and character are just hilarious. Tell him I say that he’s awesome.

man i need this game >.>

suggest a link

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