It’s been less than a week since I started playing Final Fantasy XIV but already I realize something singnificant: The Disciples of Magic classes, Conjurer and Thaumaturge, are the most powerful in the game right now. So if you haven’t started yet, I highly recommend you play these classes as your primary or pick them as your secondary classes. Why do I feel so strongly about this?

Well, they can heal even at low levels. They have area of effect heals. In fact, pretty much all their skills are areas of effect. I see a lot of people getting two or three mobs together and just going nuts with AOE. These AOE attack spells - Fire, Thunder, Stone, all of them - does at least twice as much damage as any physical Pugilist weapons can. That’s saying something and I did some testing to fully realize this.

The test: level 11 Pugilist vs level 2 Conjurer. The test subject, a Star Marmot. The Pugilist will use the starter “Weather Hora” weapon and the Conjurer will use the starter “Weathered Cane” weapon. With this setup, the Pugilist hits a Star Marmot for about 60 damage whereas the Conjurer will hit him for about 100. However, Fire does about 220. With a 2 second cooldown, Fire is pretty spam-able.

My character has it’s fire attribute at 55 but it’s intelligence and mind attributes are only 20. In big levequests, I hit monsters for perhaps 20-30 and I see our conjurers doing 250+. Granted there’s a lot of factors involved in determining damage, but it’s plain to see that casters are overpowered right now. I’ve also asked around and everyone seems to agree.

Let’s not forget that Casters also get protection buffs like Stone Skin, Shock Spikes, Protect, Shell, etc. These spells make me into an uber tank able to withstand tons of damages. The other day, I was in a three person party - one Pugilist, one Conjurer, one Thermaturge - and we rolled through level 20 levesquests even though we’re only level 11-15 in our classes.

Since I invested so much time into my Pugilist, I’m not going to change him as my primary, but if I had to do it all over again, I would be a Conjurer.

Hoc is a player of Final Fantasy 14. He is on the Fabul server using the name “Saito Uchiha.” You will find him primarily playing Pugilist but most of his time is spent crafting or gathering.

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wow.. cool classes

I would love to play with a conjurer ^_^

cool classes!! <3

Tuc, I thought so too. That’s why I started out as melee. If it wasn’t somewhat of a hassle, I would switch all my armor/attributes/weapons to casters. I still might, but perhaps when I get more time.

Mithra, thanks for the kind words =)

Bravo! To anyone feeling as though Hoc is biased on his opinion, by all means, he isn’t. I’m able to solo things as a THM that I couldn’t on my PUG! I’v raised a puglist to lvl 14 and currently have a Thaumaturge at rank 12, and I must say, the power of burst heal/HOT(healing over time)+heavy damage and debuffs with DOTs makes Thaumaturges extreme class cannons with stopping power of a mage/wizard and the healing power of a priest. Thaumaturges early on will eclipse a Disciple of War. It seems that it may remain that way later on as well. Especially with high-ranked gear. All in all, try it out! You won’t regret it!

Interesting… I would think the more physical tank-like characters would have the advantage earlier on. All the healing is usually to make up for their generally low HP, something that melee classes don’t typically have to worry about. Interesting…

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