There’s been a massive shakeup in Final Fantasy 14’s core team. By massive shakeup, I mean the entire team has been let go and replaced with a team of all-star Square managers. This is crazy! Square has done a lot to apologize for the game’s flaws and I also think they’ve done a lot to fix the problems and shortcomings with the game. Given that it’s only been 2+ months since the game’s release, I didn’t realistically expect a perfect game out of the box. I was more than willing to give Square a good 4-6 months to fix things because I know how long it can take to fix or redo systems. Perhaps I’m alone in that regard and perhaps the numbers are pretty bad right now that drastic measures are needed. More »

Looks like Final Fantasy 14 has gotten some cool updates! From what I see, new weapons, monsters and NPCs have been added. Check out the gallery of updates below: More »

When I first started playing FFXIV, I thought there wasn’t much strategy in adding points to your STR, DEX, VIT, etc. They seemed pretty straightforward to anyone that has played an RPG game. But according to an Ask the Dev article on Lodestone these stats affect your fighting classes, crafting classes, and land classes. Someone told me that they did but couldn’t tell me exactly which stat affected what in which class. But the second question in the article clears everything up. So take a look. It might even be worth a bookmark. More »

Decapitation, while not always eye-pleasing, is quite an important method of killing monsters in Final Fantasy 14. Except that Square calls it incapacitation perhaps for a more politically correct effect. They could also be calling it incapacitation because not every monster loses its head. Sometimes a horn comes off, sometimes another appendage. Killing monsters in this method drops elite loot that would not otherwise drop. Though doing so is much harder in practice than in theory as I will show you in my part 2 segment of my tour with FFXIV GMs. Let us travel to my favorite dungeon in the game, Tam-Tara Deepcroft, so that I can show you in more gory detail. More »

Today, the good folks at Square Enix were kind enough to send me half a dozen GMs as my personal tour guide into the higher level parts of the game. Places where very few have gone and even fewer have made it back alive. That’s a bit dramatic isn’t it? Well, it doesn’t matter because I had a blast! Even though a lot of people haven’t reach a point where they can access the hard areas, Square wanted to show people that it does exist and it’s quite fun. They’ll be lowering the class requirements in their big Nov 24th update to help people get there faster. More »

I’m just thrilled to hear that they’re balancing synthesis. The game is currently ruled by people who spend all day crafting. The fastest way to earn levels is crafting. The fastest way to make money is crafting. The people with the best weapons and armors are high level crafters. The problem I have with this is that crafting gets repetitive fast. I don’t mind doing it once in awhile because I understand it’s part of the game, but I don’t like that it takes a ton of time away from fighting which is what I like the most. So let’s get to the changes regarding crafting or synthesis - whatever you prefer. More »

If you only had time to read one Lodestone update, this would be the one to read. It’s a complete list of all the major and minor changes that Final Fantasy 14 will make in coming months. It took me nearly two hours to process everything. In addition to a grid of all the changes, there’s also some big announcements which they go into with quite some depth, the biggest of which is Companies - potentially a genius idea. Overall it sounds fantastic. Allow me to humbly break things down. More »

There’s been a lot of updates in the past couple of weeks which is a good sign that the folks over at Square Enix are working hard to address/fix the issues with Final Fantasy 14. I would be remissed if I didn’t break them down for you. Let’s start with the most recent one and work our way back. More »

Christmas has arrived early — the official Final Fantasy 14 site has announced an extension of the free trial period to an additional 30 days! While the site outlines a few eligibility requirements, it seems like in a nutshell, anyone who’s registered an account and purchased a character before Nov. 19 can enjoy the extra 30 days. More »

It’s been over a month since I last logged into FFXIV and I haven’t had much urge to play it. There’s two main reasons for this. The game has quite a few things that needs to addressed - chaotic marketplace, inventory disorganization, hard to use user interface, over emphasis on crafting, mind-numbing need to run everywhere, and a handful of other things. Yes I lumped all those into one big “the game is broken and hard to play right now” reason even though they’re technically lots of different reasons. The second main reason is that a lot of my linkshell mates have quit the game, especially the ones I get along with well. The ones that remain mostly get into arguments with one side complaining about the game and another side of blind fanatics vigorously defending the game. More »

I didn’t get a chance to breakdown the Developers Q&A session last week until today but overall lots of good stuff. Personally, these changes can’t come soon enough. Let’s get to them: More »

You have to be level 23+ in a class to start level 30 levequests. I’m still far away but a handful of people have made it including a few in my linkshell. Here is a video of The Potter Prince leve that begins in Nanawa Mines, a dungeon in the far north area of the Ul’Dah region. All the monsters in here are level 30+ and hit a bit too hard for me to survive solo. Fortunately we had a big group curious to see what a level 30 levequest looks like. Besides the harder monsters, it’s not that different from other levequests. Enjoy the video! More »

This past weekend, a few members of my linkshell spent their entire time crafting a dozen or so of these level 27 body armor, Bronze Haubergeon (Red). These “Haubys” as they’re affectionally called comes in all colors, I just chose the red one was mentioned most to me. My linkshellies (love making up words) are selling them for about 75-85k. Considering the high price of shards and the degree of difficult and time in making these items I was curious to see if they’re really worth it to make for money. Let’s break down the cost shall we? More »

The more I play this game, the more I think of features that would be really nice in that would make my Final Fantasy XIV experiences more enjoyable. So I’m going to start a regular column called “Features Wish List” which will go into a bit of detail about the what and why of my ideas. The first item on my list (not necessarily in order of priority) is a mailbox system. I know few MMOs have them, especially in the early stages of development, but FFXIV could really use it with all the emphasis on crafting and with the extreme amount of walking that we do. It would be a major convenience if players had a post office to send materials, finished items, and gil back and forth without running or teleporting from city to city. More »

The other night, a group of linkshell members and I decided to explore the high level dungeon just south of Gridania and camp Bentbranch, Tam-Tara Deepcroft. It’s an interesting zone full of high level monsters - I would guess 40-50s. That basically means everything can one-hit kill you. The zone looks like an underground dungeon going two levels deep and we were hoping to find some sort of cool treasure. Instead we found some scary monsters include Zombies and Devilets. It’s not a place I would visit again for awhile, but it was cool to see. Enjoy the video! More »

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